MP/NE 569 – Health Physics & Biological Effects 

For many years ionizing radiation has been beneficial to human beings in the form of medical applications, scientific research and electrical power. However, if ionizing radiation is used in unsafe ways, it can cause harm to humans. Health Physics is a field that ensures ionizing radiation is used safely in order to protect individuals from unsafe radiation exposures. This course investigates theoretical concepts related to health physics and how these concepts are implemented into radiation safety practice. As with most fields dealing with safety, health physics is often intertwined with and at times commandeered by political and societal-driven forces. The impact of these forces on regulatory actions and the field in general will also be covered.

MP 671 – Fundamentals of Cellular, Molecular, and Radiation Biology

The main objectives of this course are to: (1) Describe fundamental molecular and cellular biology principles and their common applications in medical physics, (2) Describe fundamental radiation biology principles and their applications in medical physics, (3) Describe fundamental immunology principles and their applications in medical physics, and to (4) Demonstrate an ability to integrate key fundamental principles of immunology and cellular, molecular, and radiation biology in medical physics applications in both imaging as well as therapy.

MP 664 – Rad Lab – Health Physics 

This course uses project-based learning (PBL) to address common challenges and solutions addressed by medical health physicists. Each semester, students work on a different project that addresses concepts that are important in the current health physics environment.